From Around the Web: Cornell’s CHR Benchmarks 8000 Hotels in Sustainability Study

Photo by: Sasha Samardzija via
Photo by: Sasha Samardzija via

Cornell has gathered information from more than 8000 hotels worldwide so they can benchmark how their hotels are managing their  environmental impacts.  As reported on, “The results are presented in the CHSB2016 Index report, where users can obtain the range of benchmarks for energy consumption, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions for hotels within specific segments and geographic locations.”

Cornell is providing the report free of charge.

As sustainability is a vital issue in our industry, and the Cornell study is of vital importance to hotel firms looking to improve their performance and be able to compare their performance to other firms.  As Denise Naguib, Vice President, Sustainability and Supplier Diversity, Global Operations, Marriott International shared, “The travel and tourism sector has an incredible opportunity to drive sustainability around the world. The CHSB benchmark provides hotels the information that they need to know where they stand among their peers, and to apply that information to drive improvements and promote their own efforts to customers.”

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