How Are You Using Linked In for Your Hotel?

Linked In User Base
Linked In, founded in 2003, has grown dramatically into a platform geared to drive business.

If’ you still think of Linked In as an “online resume posting site,” you’re missing out on the power of this unique social media platform.

With more than 433 million users — 41% of those US users having an income of more than $75,000 — Linked In is a powerhouse for the professional market.

While the recent publicity about Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of the social media site as put the platform back in the spotlight, it’s easy to overlook this important platform’s ability to connect your hotel to an array of constituency groups including customers, vendors, employees and industry trade professionals.

For customers:

Social Media Marketing’s Industry report shows Linked In as the most important platform for B2B marketing, now even more important than Facebook. Further, 62% of business owners use the platform. Linked In’s focus on business and professionals means focusing your message slightly.

While Facebook might be your first thought for marketing, don’t forget your business travelers. According to the American Express Global Business Travel report, one third of all travel is done by business travelers, with them traveling 21-30 times each year. Business travelers also influence the leisure travel market, both in that they can afford to travel for vacations, but also in that they are often deciding — or influencing — the decision making process for choosing where to stay.

Further, a US News article shares that these same business travelers are also bringing loved ones — and even pets — along as they travel.

Take time to develop a great business page for your hotel.  You can use it to highlight your hotel through photos, reinforce brand values (ie: through your news about the hotel), or hiring mission.

Also – don’t forget about group/meeting planner market: Linked In can connect you thousands of people in industry who are making decisions about this burgeoning business.

For employees:

Professional networking sites are important for recruiting practices, as LinkedIn’s own research has shown.  Recruiting use has increased 73%.  “LinkedIn Recruiter allows us to target great candidates who are not actively seeking employment. Oftentimes, individuals highly engaged in their current positions are the top performers in their fields.  They will not be searching for job opportunities, so it is up to us to find them, and LinkedIn Recruiter allows us to do just that. We have found success in using this tool, especially for filling higher level management positions,” Elaine Lai, Regional Training Manager for Delta Hotels & Resorts shared through

For vendors:

Again, Linked In’s forums are a super place to get to know potential vendors in your industry. You can also use Linked In’s powerful search function to focus your efforts — looking for specific types of vendors in certain markets.

Let’s connect on Linked In! 

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