From Around the Web – Trends Changing the Way Guests and Hoteliers View Amenities

Hotel Amenities trends
The Peninsula Hotel is creating unforgettable experiences – right down to creating an unforgettable bath products amenity line with Oscar de la Renta. Photo Credit:

Today’s modern travelers have changed. They are empowered, educated and have very specific attributes they are seeking during their hotel stays. Amenities have become tremendously important – travelers aren’t looking for a just soap, shampoo and conditioner, they are looking for an experience, something they can relate to. Whether an environmentally conscious traveler or business traveler, guests are demanding more out of their hotel stays than ever before.”  Modern travelers are expecting a sustainable approach to hotel’s amenities.  Some options to consider include:

  • offering amenities in bio-degradable or recyclable packaging,
  • developing an entirely bespoke line of bath products – which let’s you communicate your hotel’s own values/commitment to green packaging, organic ingredients,
  • partnering with existing, known brands to develop a bath line your guests will immediately recognize and associate with your brand, such as what Oscar de la Renta did for the Peninsula Hotels,
  • thinking beyond just the standard amenities.  For example, the The Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel worked with local Parisian perfumer, Diptyque, to create a uniquely scented line of products.

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