The Relationship between Online Reviews, Hotel Baths and Increasing Hotel Revenue

Reviews are so vital to the hotel industry. Just take a few of these facts into consideration:

hotel baths and hotel reviews
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  •  A Trust You survey says hotel location, service and the quality of the rooms were the most important attributes that were mentioned more than anything else in hotel reviews.
  • Bathroom cleanliness and their size were imperative to the hotel reviewers.  Negative reviews are 2.24x more likely than positive wants to include some kind of comment about the bathroom.



Improve Hotel Baths Proactively

So while a good review might not necessarily include comments about the hotel bath, if a hotel manager or operations director is trying to proactively address potential issues in their hotel — trying to prevent bad reviews, there is no bigger hot button for people who write bad hotel reviews than the bath area.

What makes this even more important: a recent survey was conducted by Search Engine Land and found that 88% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. People trust the reviews they read on hotel sites like Trip Advisor.

Other people’s opinions matter. A lot.

Improving Baths Can Improve Bottom Line

How much can those opinions matter to your hotel business?  Positive reviews on review websites, like TripAdvisor, can be extremely beneficial for our hotel customers.

  • According to, just a one star increase in your online average review rating can increase your hotel’s income by 9%.
  • 360Commerce found that revenues rose by 56% for hotels that consistently generate good online reviews.


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