Hotels with Sustainable Luxury: Four Seasons Resort Lana’i


FS Lanai

The Four Seasons Lanai evokes the ultimate in luxury. Photo credit: Four

It’s easy to see why this Four Seasons property ranked as one of the most anxiously awaited renovations of 2016 by Forbes Travel.

The Todd-Avery Lenahan redesign incorporates a Polynesian feel to the hotel, bringing a cornucopia of natural elements into the new rooms.

The balance between technology and zen-like relaxation is found in the bath: with stone covered vanities, teak paneling, and slate floors the rain shower or deep soaking tub becomes a get-away in itself.

The Four Seasons Lanai bath suite with disappearing TV.  Photo courtesy: FS Lanai.

The Four Seasons Lanai bath suite with disappearing TV. Photo courtesy: FS Lanai.

But for those of us who just can’t seem to “turn off” the tube… never fear, there’s a hidden in-mirror TV too (see left).  The TV monitor disappears so beautifully, it’s easy to miss it in our photo.  (The mirror and TV monitor are on the left side of the photo, reflecting the bath towel next to it.)

How amazing?! Truly “now you see it, now you don’t” technology that enhances the experience without cluttering the ambiance.

The benefits of technology are in other areas too: the bed can be customized to your desired level of mattress firmness. Guests can also request wristband smart room keys.

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